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History of space shuttle program was designed to carry space apparatus and up to seven crew members and passengers to the outer space. The initial objective was to make space shuttle a manned, multipurpose orbital launch space plane. This plan of a shuttle started in 1930 when an American Eugen Sanger revealed the plan of making a rocket plane capable of carrying a crew on board. In the 1950 United States started planning for such space transportation. Several suck proposals were converted into designs and tested.nnnnBut things were not easy. Christina Freville from NASA stated that what they were looking for is a reliable and less expensive rocket which was reusable. Christina Freville told that the idea was to make a reusable shuttle which could be launched like a space rocket but it must have features to land as a normal airplane. This idea was very appealing to the scientist at NASA but was also required a technical breakthrough.nnnnnNASA jumped onto the ideas and began planning the designs and exploring advanced engineering studies. It was back in 1972 when NASA was sure of building a space shuttle or a space transport system popularly known as STS. In the very beginning the spacecrafts were designed to use ablative heat shields which were supposed to burn away when the space shuttle enters the atmosphere of the earth. But <a href=http://www.nikeheelswholesale.com>jordan heels</a> this does not make the spacecraft reusable. To make it a reusable space shuttle the designers came up with a different idea. That was the <a href=http://www.nikeheelssale.net>nike heels wholesale</a> use of ceramic tiles to give it an insulating shield. These tiles have the property of absorbing the heat while re entering the earths orbit. This made the space shuttle reusable and also safe for the traveling astronauts.nnnnnChristina Freville was himself in the team of scientists who were constructing and testing the shuttle for years. There <a href=http://www.nikejordanhighheels.net>nike heels</a> were four space shuttles made under Christina <a href=http://www.nikehighheelsforwomen.com>jordan heels</a> Freville and entire NASA team, namely Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis and the Challenger. The first space shuttle to take a flight was Columbia in 1981, piloted by John Young and Robert Crippen.nnnnnThere are some incidents when things did not go with the plan in the outer space. The space shuttle challenger in 1986 exploded and the entire crew on deck was killed. Also in 2003 when the space shuttle Columbia was entering the Earths atmosphere it suddenly broke away into pieces.nnnnnIn the 26 years of the space shuttle program history the scientists have seen many highs and lows in the missions. On one hand they have seen many successful missions which have resulted in immeasurable scientific gains, whereas on the other hand failed space shuttle missions have brought in loss of lives and billions and billions of money. NASA?s current <a href=http://www.nikejordanhighheels.net>jordan high heels</a> plans call for the space shuttle to be retired from service in 2010 after around 30 years of service. Atlantis will be the first of the three remaining operational space shuttles to be retired.nnnnChristina Freville was himself in the team of scientists who were constructing and testing the shuttle for years. There were four space shuttles made under Christina Freville and entire NASA team

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