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Excessive unemployment isn't going away - not providing the economy grows as slowly mainly because it did within the April-June 1 fourth.

Weak consumer spending held growth to have an annual rate of just 1. 5 percent, even lower than the 2 main percent rate inside first quarter. And few expect the economy to accelerate in the second one half of the yr as Europe's financial cheap oakleys in usa woes along with an U. S. budget crisis restrain businesses coupled with consumers.

The growth estimate Friday over the government suggested the U. S. economy may very well be at stake of stalling four years following your recession ended. Economists generally say even 3 percent annual growth would add just 90, 000 jobs every thirty days. That's an inadequate number of to keep pace with population growth and drive across the unemployment rate, which happens to be stuck at 8. 2 percent - not taking in mind some estimates that another 6 percent have cast aside searching for work.

The figures came from the Commerce Department's questionnaire on gross domestic product. GDP measures the country's overall output of goods and corporations, in the purchase of a mug of coffee towards the sale of jet fighter jets.

"The main takeaway from today's report, the specifics aside, is the fact that U. S. economy is barely growing, " said Dan Greenhaus, chief economic strategist at BTIG LLC. "It's perfectly logical lacking employment rate cannot move lower. "

Sal Guatieri, senior economist at BMO Money Markets, expects the unemployment rate to absolve this current year - and future year - at 8. 3 percent. He said he foresees no decline in unemployment as a consequence of how tepid he thinks economic growth will always be: 2. 2 percent for those involving 2012 and 2 percent ideal for 2013.

Stocks rose as investors shrugged on the sluggish U. S growth and focused alternatively on pledges from European market leaders to preserve the union with the 17 countries that makes use of the euro. The Dow Jones industrial average closed up in excess of 187 points. Broader indexes also jumped.

The lackluster economy is increasing pressure on President Barack Obama in her re-election fight with Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. But few think the Given, the White House or Congress can or work anything soon that might renew the economy quickly. Many lawmakers, for example, refuse to boost federal paying in light of historically huge budget deficits.

No president since Franklin Debbie. Roosevelt, within the depths of your good Depression, has been re-elected once the unemployment rate exceeded 8 percent. Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush were ousted when unemployment was well below 8 pct.

Polls reveal that management to the economy will be the only issue it is possible to best those surveyed express more self-assurance in Romney, with his business background, than Obama.

Glenn Hubbard, economic adviser for Romney, said Friday's report largely matched economists' expectations.

"But those expectations themselves and also the report itself were actually really disappointing, " Hubbard said. "At that pattern, the economy simply will not ever get back to full discount oakley sunglasses employment. "

Alan Krueger, chairman of the White House Council of monetary Advisers, noted that the report showed the economy grew on your 12th straight quarter. Still, Congress could strengthen growth in addition to job creation by adopting Obama's plan to extend expiring tax cuts for all those except the wealthiest Americans, Krueger said.

Republicans want the tax cuts extended for all Americans.

The 1. 5 percent growth rate inside second quarter was the weakest since GDP grew inside a 1. 3 percent rate inside the July-September quarter recently. But it shows the healing is gaining no momentum.

After shrinking 3. 1 percent in 2009 in the heart of the economic chaos, the economy grew 2. 4 percent in 2010. A year ago, growth slowed to 1. 8 percent - roughly identical meager pace at which the economy expanded in the first half of this season.

Even in normal times, such growth rates are subpar. They're especially weak for your recovery that follows a solid recession, when growth is usually much stronger than average.

Annual economic growth of two. 5 percent to 3 percent should be used to make enough jobs just maintain through an expanding workforce. Healthier growth of 4 percent or even more is necessary to cut back the unemployment rate appreciably.

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